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Packer Bars in San Diego

Nov - 10 | | No comments. | Food News

If you find yourself in San Diego and you want to keep up with the Green Bay Packers, have no fear. There are lots of great sports bars to see your favorite team. You may have to share your viewing experience with fans of other teams as San Diego is a melting pot of sports enthusiasts. However, we found these two which go the extra yard for the Packer fan.

The Beachwood in Pacific Beach
This is an awesome property only a stones throw from the beach. Three levels of entertainment; Reds Saloon, then the restaurant and topped off with a roof top patio for ocean viewing. This is a large place for meeting friends and even having a little private party. Multiple 50-inch TVs and three 10 foot projection screens makes for ample viewing of your favorite games. They have all kinds of discount specials running so be sure to check out their website for what’s current. They especially cater to cheese-heads.
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Tiny’s Tavern in Ocean Beach
This is a neighborhood bar that is beginning to get national reach. If you are a Packer fan then you have something in common with Tiny the owner. Tiny is Hawaiian and has incorporate his family recipes into the menu. You have to try his roasted kalua pig. It is heavenly. The staff is very friendly and eager to serve you. You will find many different football teams represented besides Chargers and that is signature to San Diego where everybody is from somewhere else.
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That is all we could find.
Let us know if you know of others.

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