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San Diego Helps You Eat Local – Farm to Table

May - 08 | | No comments. | Food News

The Farm-to-Table concept is picking up in many cities across the US and San Diego is no exception. Restaurants that are promoting sustainability are popping up all over and this helps you to become a better consumer by making the right choice. Not only that, but knowing that your food was grown locally at your favorite participating restaurant means that you are getting really fresh produce. San Diego has a lot of farms to supply restaurants with fresh fruits and vegetables.

The challenge for the chefs at these many fine restaurants is to adapt their menus to the available resources that are local and to avoid having to out source out of the San Diego area. Sometimes it can not be helped. The San Diego restaurant patron  is also becoming more aware of what they are putting in their bodies and are looking for establishments that serve meals that are fresh and are without pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and preservatives.

This is a healthy movement for both the restaurant industry and the community.

Brooklyn Girl in Mission Hills
Executive Chef Tyler Thrasher says they use California proteins, sustainable fish and local produce from Susie’s Farm. What Local foodies call “the McGreath’s farm-to-table experience”.
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Cucina Urbana Banker’s Hill
The interior looks like a modern kitchen, but also combines with the history and comfort of an old rustic country farmhouse. A focus on raw, sustainable material and reclaimed local material is found throughout. The menu is comprised of Italian classics with the use of the freshest local produce, and organic and sustainable products. Most items on the menu are at or below $20
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Kitchen 4140 Clairemont
Chef Kurt Metzger’s style of cooking is ingredient-driven with a constantly changing menu. Metzger makes frequent trips to farmer’s markets. He has relationships with local growers like Chino Farms. This Bistro even has its very own organic garden. Kitchen 4140 is  now a leading contender in the niche of organic restaurants in San Diego.
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Tender Greens Point Loma
The majority of their produce comes fresh picked from Scarborough Farms in Oxnard,  Other items come  from a handful of small local farms in San Diego. They that believe that picking at the peak of ripeness leads to a more delicious and healthier dish for you. Tender Greens uses organic ingredients wherever they can. Their beef comes from grain-fed hormone/antibiotic free cows. Chickens are raised on the range in Northern California, not in cages.  They are nourished with grain instead of hormone-rich feed.  The tuna is line caught from the Pacific.
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25 Forty Bistro & Bakehouse
Chef Mark Pelliccia mixes tradition with innovation and relies on fresh seasonal produce while also incorporating ingredients from different countries.
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